PT Inti Daya Guna Aneka Warna (INDANA) is a leading innovator in the Indonesian paint industry. Through the forty years we have spent in the industry, we pride ourselves in listening closely to our community’s needs and releasing high quality products in response. As a long-time veteran, we rely on our expertise to take the road less traveled, leading our competitors to later track the same trail.

In the spirit of #localpride, we have worked in our community to support local artists, hold local gathering events, and revitalize local tourism by catching eyes through our products’ vibrant colors. By keeping all of our production in the country, in INDANA, every product released is a showcase of Indonesian talent and craftsmanship.

To ensure uniformity in color, adhesion, tackiness and other properties, all of our products go through rigorous quality control protocols starting from our production lines to the shelves of your nearest retailer. Utilizing the most advanced equipment available, our Research and Development team works tirelessly to answer the same question: “what can we do better?”. We are happy to report that we uncover new answers to that question on a regular basis.

About Styloz (how it came to be)

It all started with a random browse through social media, where we stumbled upon various artists showcasing their talents by painting on shoes, shirts, and other pieces of clothing. Fascinated by this new medium, we took a closer look at the type of paint these artists have been relying on. It quickly became clear to us that these talented artists do not have a lot of options available to them. They are forced to either import high quality, foreign-made brands at a steep price, or purchase locally made brands at a lower price – with the risk of unstable quality. We believe there is room for us to offer the best of both worlds; a high-quality, local brand at a reasonable price. By late 2019, Styloz was born.


Why Styloz? (Product Excellence)

Articles painted with Styloz remain washable without losing its color in the process. The fabric also retains its flexibility, maintaining maximum comfort when worn. Dust does not stick to the paint, keeping your art bright and visible. Styloz is compatible with multiple materials such as leather, cotton and canvas – allowing artists to experiment on a wide variety of clothes and accessories.

Here at Styloz, we believe perfection is built on mistakes and changed minds. For this reason, Styloz is designed to take a long time to dry – allowing artists just that much more time to revisit their work. In short; don’t be afraid to dip your brush. We’ll take care of the rest.


Moving Forward (we rely on YOUR feedback! This is how we better ourselves)

As a new product entering the market, Styloz relies heavily on consumer feedback and continuously adapts to meet our artists’ expectations. We have sent samples to a lot of talented customizers all over the country, taking in their feedback and changing how we do things. Do you have a question or suggestion for our R&D team? We’re always reachable through our Instagram: @stylozpaint. Otherwise, come hang out and find inspiration for your next work through our posts of expertly customized shoes.


Why #BeDifferent?

  • Celebrate Your Individuality

As proud Indonesians, we believe that diversity is what unified us. Every individual is unique, and you deserve something equally one of a kind. Styloz is one of many tools that can help you stand out from the crowd and show the world what makes you you.

Come #bedifferent! Join the vibrant community of outfit customizers all over the country. Start conversations without saying a word. Whether you’re telling the world about your favorite movie, best-known talent or hometown pride, a painting is always worth a thousand words.

  • Revive Old Shoes, Help Planet Earth

We all have that one old pair of sneakers that hasn’t fallen apart enough to be thrown away, but also has started fading enough to make us consider it. What do we do with them? They’re not presentable enough to be given away. However, keeping them around takes up precious space. Which one is more wasteful? Keeping shoes you don’t wear anymore, or buying new ones before you need them? A lot of people answered the former.

‘Fast fashion’ refers to a trend of purchasing cheap pieces of clothing and discarding them shortly after. It creates a lot of waste, takes up a lot of resources, and – although we’re not sure how yet – probably hurts those poor polar bears somehow. Everything ends up hurting polar bears these days. Either way, we have a better solution.

Our bold colors are readily applicable to various mediums, allowing you to breathe new life into ol’ reliable regardless of what it’s made of. Just add a tinge of your own flavor of creativity, and you’ll be reunited in no time.


Jl. Laksda Adi Sucipto 456, Malang, Jawa Timur 64125, Indonesia
E-mail: michael@indana.co.id



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